About us

ed-k, Dipl.-Ing. Hubert Kreis is located in Planegg, south-west of Munich, Germany. The company specialises in the development and manufacturing of inductance measuring devices, based on the pulse measurement principle.

After working for more than 12 years as development engineer in the field of power electronics and as project manager in various companies, Hubert Kreis founded ed-k in Krailling, Germany in 2002. An early precursor model of the Power Choke Tester DPG10 series, the DPG01, was already brought to market in 2002.

At the beginning, the company concentrated on contract development in the area of power electronics (e.g., for wind power plants up to 40 kW). The DPG10 series came into the market in 2005. In 2008, the company moved to Planegg. At this time, inductance measuring devices were already the main pillar of the company and their development continued.

Alongside additional contract developments (closed loop hall effect current sensors, medical technology, to name a few) and working together with the associated company Primus electronic systems GmbH, the company’s main focus remained on the development of electronic loads with energy recovery. Based on these electronic loads, very innovative and high-performance systems for burn-in-test / endurance test of DC power supplies were finalised to enter the market.

Since 2010, the sole focus has been on the continued development and marketing of the Power Choke Tester DPG family of measurement instruments. As a result of the very positive development of the DPG10 series to a global quasi-standard with regard to the development, manufacture and quality control of inductive performance components, the premises once again became insufficient and another move to more spacious quarters was carried out in 2016 within the same commercial complex, with hardly any interruption to operations.

The production has been taken over by external partners with whom we maintain a close business relationship. Final assembly, test, and calibration of our devices is done exclusively in-house.


We feel honoured that there are by now imitators of the pulse measuring principle for inductance measurement established by us. Even if new product ideas are copied and imitation is at times brazen, it remains impossible to simply copy the internal electronics.

We do not use any purchased electronic sub-assemblies. Whether power stage, measurement amplifier, A/D converter or microcontroller board, we develop every single electronic assembly in-house, because this allows us to optimise them for the specific intended purpose. We develop and manufacture even certain components with special requirements. Purchased current sensors, for example, do not meet all our requirements with regard to bandwidth, pulse strength, long-term stability and form factor.

As a result, our devices are not just at the leading edge of technology, but they are also very compact and offer excellent value for money.

Please understand that, over the past several years, we have stopped going into any detail in professional publications. We have discovered that imitators are only capable of implementing the know-how published by us.