Power Choke Tester DPG10/20 in Bodo’s Power Systems


A three-part series of articles about the Power Choke Tester DPG10/20 series has been published in the well-known trade journal “Bodo’s Power Systems”, which specializes in power electronics.

In the 11/2021 issue, the pulse measuring principle of the DPG10/20 series is presented in detail. The various measuring options are shown and the technical requirements of the pulse measuring principle are discussed. It is explained what should be considered when choosing the measurement parameters in order to achieve the best measurement results.

Article issue 11/2021

In the second part (published in issue 12/2021), the traditional measurement methods (LCR meter and reactance calculation with mains current and mains voltage) and the pulse measurement method with thyristors that cannot be turned off are explained. The inherent disadvantages of these measurement methods are shown and why the pulse measurement method of the DPG10/20 series with IGBT power stage has prevailed over other measurement methods. Finally, the calibration is discussed, which made it necessary to develop our own inductance standards due to the extremely high measurement currents.

Article issue 12/2021

The third part appears in issue 03/2022. It is shown how, with the help of the 3-Phase Extension Unit, the pulse measuring principle of the DPG10/20 series can also be used to measure the inductance of 3-phase chokes. A comparison with the conventional measurement method with mains voltage and mains current shows that only the pulse measurement principle can deliver correct measurement results in the non-linear range and what other advantages it has.

Article issue 03/2022