New Device Series Pulse Current Source PCS10


The new Pulse Current Source PCS10 series is a series of pulse current sources capable of delivering pulses with an adjustable voltage up to 400V and a current up to 3000A (depending on the model). It was derived from our well-known Power Choke Tester DPG10 series and is available now.

The Pulse Current Source PCS10 series is suitable for inductive and resistive loads. The pulse energy is taken from a capacitor battery and can be up to 2kJ depending on the model, pulse repetition rate and selected pulse voltage. Both the pulse duration and the current can be preselected as criteria for ending the voltage pulse.

The voltage and current are unregulated. When the pulse energy is relatively small compared to the energy stored in the capacitor bank, the pulse voltage is approximately constant.

The pulse duration can be set between 3µs and 70ms in increments of 1µs. The maximum current, upon reaching which the pulse is terminated, can be set in steps of 1A.
Applications are e.g. the test of power semiconductors (RBSOA), many other applications are possible.