Power Choke Tester DPG – Family


The Power Choke Tester DPG family is an innovative measurement instrument series for all inductive power components.

The large-signal impulse measuring method provides a complete inductance curve as a function of the current L(i) or as a function of the applied time-voltage-integral L(∫Udt). Thus the saturation characteristics of the power inductor can be seen clearly at a glance.

Besides the incremental inductance and the secant inductance a lot of other variables can be measured.

Meanwhile our Power Choke Tester DPG10 series is established worldwide as a standard measurement instrument in development, production and quality control of inductive power components.

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  • Measurement of the incremental inductance Linc(i) and the secant inductance Lsec(i)
  • Measurement of the flux linkage ψ(i) and the magnetic co-energy Wco(i)
  • Measurement of the DC resistance
  • Calculation of the flux densitiy B(i)
  • By means of the optional 3-Phase Extension Unit also suitable for 3-phase chokes
  • More realistic measurement results compared to small signal measurement with DC bias or 50/60 Hz mains current measurement


  • very easy and fast measurement
  • Lightweight, portable and affordable price-point despite of the high measuring current up to 10000 A
  • High sample rate and very wide pulse width range => suitable for all core materials

Powerful Software

  • Easy and intuitive operation via a user-friendly graphical user-interface
  • Measurement results shown as diagram and as table
  • Measurement report in pdf-format, data export and data storage (XML, CSV)
  • For routine tests in mass production the instrument can be integrated easily in automated test environments by means of a DLL or by LabVIEW

If required we assist you with integrating the DPG10 series in your specific test environment.


  • Development, research and quality inspection
  • Routine tests of small batch series and mass production
  • Very wide current range from <0.1 A up to 10000 A => suitable for all inductive components from small SMD inductors to very large power reactors in the MVA range, e.g.
    • Filter inductors for switch mode power supplies, DC/DC converters etc.
    • Filter inductors for uninterruptible power supplies, inverters etc.
    • Power chokes for PFC etc. and commutation inductors
    • Suppression chokes and current compensated chokes
    • Solenoids, coils of valves
    • Transformers for flyback converters
    • Power transformers, motors
    • and much, much more inductive components

Measuring Principle

The DPG10 works on the principle that a constant DC voltage is applied to the test inductor, which corresponds to the inductor’s real operational conditions. This will result in a current ramp in the test component, whose di/dt slew rate is subject to inductance. If the pre-set maximum current limit is reached, the measurement impulse is cut off.

By making calculations based on the profile of the measurement current, a complete inductance curve (which displays the DC pre-magnetisation dependent inductance profile) for the test component can be produced by taking a single measurement. In addition to the incremental inductance Linc(i) and the secant inductance Lsec(i), the linked flux ψ(i) and the magnetic co-energy Wco(i) can also be obtained from the measurement pulse. Further more the flux density B(i) can also be determined from the measurement pulse, after entering the geometric core data.

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