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Power Choke Tester DPG10-Series

The Power Choke Tester DPG family is an innovative measurement instrument series for all inductive power components. The large-signal impulse measuring method provides a complete inductance curve as a function of the current L(i) or as a function of the applied time-voltage-integral L(∫Udt). Besides the incremental inductance and the secant inductance a lot of other variables can be measured.

edk- DPG10-1500B/E

3-Phase Extension Unit

The 3-Phase Extension Unit is an additional unit for the Power Choke Tester DPG10 series.
With the help of the 3-Phase Extension Unit the inductance of 3-phase chokes can be measured simply and quickly.

ed-k 3-Phasen Extension Unit

Measurement of the

  • incremental inductance
  • secant inductance
  • flux linkage
  • magnetic co-energy
  • DC resistance
  • flux density

By means of the optional 3-Phase Extension Unit also suitable for 3-phase chokes

All three coils of the choke are automatically measured in succession without changing the connections of the test specimen.

The software takes into account the changed fl ux conditions in the core compared to a 3-phase sinusoidal current feed and corrects the measurement results accordingly using a sophisticated algorithm.

In relation to the measurement with 50 Hz mains voltage, this method is much simpler, faster and also more accurate.