3-Phase Extension Unit for DPG10 series

With the help of the 3-Phase Extension Unit the Power Choke Tester DPG10 series is able now to measure also the inductance of 3-phase power inductors easily and quickly. The 3 windings of the inductor will be measured consecutively and automatically without reconnecting the terminals.

The software considers the different magnetic flux conditions in the core with 3-phase sinusoidal currents and corrects the measurement results with a sophisticated algorithm.



Compared to a measurement with 50Hz mains voltage this method is much easier and faster and also more accurate.

Thanks to the impulse measurement principle of the DPG10 series the measurement takes only 10-30 seconds and yields a complete inductance curve L(I), whose current axis is scaled with RMS values.

The measurement result is equivalent to a conventional measurement with 3-phase sinusoidal voltages and currents. Thereby a correction to 50 Hz or 60 Hz is possible.

There are two models of the 3-phase extension unit available. The model type EXT1 is suitable for all basic devices up to 3000 A (width 365 mm).

The model type EXT2 with a width of 470 mm is required for DPG10 – 4000B/F.

The maximum current, to which the 3-phase inductance measurement is possible, of course depends on the used DPG10 basic unit. With a DPG10-1500B/E the inductance curve can be measured up to around 880 Arms, with a DPG10-4000B/F up to around 2350 Arms. At higher inductance values the current decreases due to the limited maximum pulse energy ( e.g. DPG10 – 1500B/E up to 2500 J).

3-Phasen Erweiterungseinheit Messdiagramm
3-Phasen-Extension-Unit Finite Elemente Simulation

Maximum RMS current versus 3~ inductance

Finite element analysis of a 3-phase inductor, flux distribution

Scope of delivery

  • 3-Phase Extension Unit
  • Cable set including:
    • Test leads Force and Sense, triple, 1 m each
    • Star point test leads, triple,, 1 m
    • 9 alligator clips
    • Force und Sense connecting cables between DPG10 and 3-Phase Extension Unit
    • Control cable between DPG10 and 3-Phase Extension Unit
  • Operating manual German / English
  • The DPG10 basic unit is not included in the scope of delivery
  • Kelvin test leads, triple, 1 m (KK31-4)
  • Kelvin test leads, triple; 1.5 m; up to 5 kA (KK31-6)
  • Hard-top case (CASE1)
  • Customer specific test leads on request