Of course, you can have our devices of the Power Choke Tester DPG family recalibrated with us. We execute the factory calibration in our own house usually within one or two working days. The calibration is traceable to national and international standards and the delivery includes a calibration certificate.

At each calibration we open the devices and subject them to a thorough visual inspection. We also check the function of internal safety devices and circuits.

For the factory calibration, we use specially developed, self-made inductance standards, which meet the special requirements through the pulse measurement procedure of our devices. Other inductance standards commonly used in calibration laboratories are usually unsuitable because they are neither designed for high pulse currents nor have sufficient frequency response. Since our devices can also operate with very short pulse times of <3 μs, the frequency response of the ohmic resistance is also important for the precision of the induction measurement.

For customers from overseas, we offer a calibration kit including calibration instructions, which can be used to perform the calibration either by itself or by a local calibration laboratory. It contains three long-term stable, very accurate inductance standards (100 μH, 1 mH, 10 mH) in the ABS / PA rack, a low impedance switchable resistor array (6 values ​​from 10 mOhm to 10 Ohm, < 0,08%, TK < 20ppm) measuring cable set. For the model DPG10-100B a further inductance standard of 100 mH is necessary, which can be supplied separately.

For our customers in Europe, the calibration in our house is, however, more economical and meaningful, since a necessary adjustment can only be done by us.