A PC is used to operate and display results from the Power Choke Tester DPG10 via a simple and intuitive graphical user interface. The measuring instrument can be connected to the USB port or the RS232 port of the PC.

The following parameters can be set before measuring inductance:

  • Maximum current: The measuring impulse is terminated when this value is reached, so long as the pre-set maximum duration of the measuring impulse has not been reached before.
  • Measuring impulse voltage: A value should be entered here that corresponds to the test specimen’s voltage levels during normal operating conditions.
  • Maximum duration of the measuring impulse: The measuring impulse is terminated when this value is reached, so long as the maximum current level is not reached before.

All settings can be saved and reloaded when required. This considerably eases conducting a series of measurements for quality control checks during production.

If the instrument is incorrectly used (e.g. incorrectly connected or setup), then detailed error warnings help to quickly solve any problems.

After the measurements are complete, the results L(i) are displayed in the form of both a diagram and in a table. Alternatively in some cases it could be useful to display the inductance as a function of the voltagetime-integral ∫U(t)dt applied to the inductor. The display mode is togglable.

A resistance test is automatically carried out before every inductance measurement is undertaken because the ohmic portion of the inductor must be considered in the calculation of the inductance curve. A resistance test can also be carried out separately.

The PC software for the Power Choke Tester DPG10 is subject to continuous improvement and contains a lot of additional functions, e.g.

  • Definition of limit curves for automatic pass/fail testing
  • Functions for ease of routine testing
  • Comparison of different measurement curves in one diagram
  • Data export and import

Power Choke Tester Software Application