Power Choke Tester DPG20 – 10000B/G

The new DPG20 series complements the internationally established DPG10 series to accommodate larger current, more pulse energy and higher measurement voltage.

The first model, DPG20-10000B/G, is designed for currents up to 10 kA at a pulse energy up to 15 kJ. Maximum measuring voltage is currently 780 V.

The DPG20 series is thus mainly intended for manufacturers and users of very large inductors reaching the MVA range, working in the sectors energy technology, railway traction systems, wind power etc.

Measuring current, range 1 100 A
Measuring current, range 2 1000 A
Measuring current, range 3 10000 A
Pulse energy, max. 15000 J
Pulse voltage 20 – 780 V adjustable
Pulse width, max. 3 µs – 1 s
Resistance measurement 0.001 mΩ – 3.5 Ω
Interface USB and RS232
Power supply 108 – 264 VAC / 50 – 60 Hz; 1100 VA max.
Dimensions 470 (W) x 500 (L) x 340 (H) mm³
Weight 41 kg

The DPG20 series has the same advantages as the DPG10 series like

  • very simple operation
  • high accuracy at high as well as at low current due to 3 separated measurement ranges
  • enormous wide range of application
  • extremely compact dimensions

Scope of delivery:

  • DPG20 – 10000B/G
  • Cable set
    • Test leads 2x Force, 1x Sense, 0.6 m each with alligator clips
    • USB cable and RS232 cable
    • Powercord
  • Test leads up to 10 kA (KL11-10)
  • Kelvin test leads up to 5 kA (KK11-6)
  • Test leads long, length 2 m (KL11-6)
  • PC software for Windows
  • Instruction manual (german or english)
  • Calibration certificate
  • Library (DLL) for integration of the instrument into automated test environments using your own applications or LabVIEW

Optional accessories

  • 3-Phase Extension Unit EXT2
  • Kelvin test leads up to 250 A (KK11-4)
  • Kelvin test leads up to 1500 A (KK12-6)
  • Customer specific test leads on request