3-Phase Extension Unit for DPG10 series

With the help of the 3-Phase Extension Unit the Power Choke Tester DPG10 series is able now to measure also the inductance of 3-phase power inductors easily and quickly. The 3 windings of the inductor will be measured consecutively and automatically without reconnecting the terminals.

The software considers the different magnetic flux conditions in the core with 3-phase sinusoidal currents and corrects the measurement results with a sophisticated algorithm.



Compared to a measurement with 50Hz mains voltage this method is much easier and faster and also more accurate.

Thanks to the impulse measurement principle of the DPG10 series the measurement takes only 5 – 10 seconds and yields a complete inductance curve L(I), whose current axis is scaled with RMS values.

The measurement result is equivalent to a conventional measurement with 3-phase sinusoidal voltages and currents. Thereby a correction to 50 Hz or 60 Hz is possible.

There are two models of the 3-phase extension unit available. The model type EXT1 is suitable for all basic devices up to 3000 A (width 365 mm).

The model type EXT2 with a width of 470 mm is required for DPG10 – 4000B/F.

The maximum current, to which the 3-phase inductance measurement is possible, of course depends on the used DPG10 basic unit. With a DPG10-1500B/E the inductance curve can be measured up to around 880 Arms, with a DPG10-4000B/F up to around 2350 Arms. At higher inductance values the current decreases due to the limited maximum pulse energy.

Maximum possible RMS current versus 3~ inductance

3-Phasen-Extension-Unit Finite Elemente Simulation

Finite element analysis of a 3-phase inductor, flux distribution

Scope of delivery

  • 3-Phase Extension Unit
  • Cable set including:
    • Test leads Force and Sense, 3-phase, 1 m each
    • Star point test leads, 3-phase, 1 m
    • 9 alligator clips
    • Force und Sense connecting cables between DPG10 and 3-Phase Extension Unit
    • Control cable between DPG10 and 3-Phase Extension Unit
    • Only included in Extension Unit Ext2: Kelvin test leads 3-phase; 1.5 m; up to 5 kA (KK31-6)
  • Operating manual German / English
  • The DPG10 basic unit is not included in the scope of delivery

  • Kelvin test leads, 3-phase, 1 m (KK31-4)
  • Kelvin test leads, 3-phase; 1.5 m; up to 5 kA (KK31-6)
  • Hard-top case (CASE1)
  • Customer specific test leads on request