Power Choke Tester DPG10 – 3000B/E

This model is particularly well-suited for high current inductors up to 3000 A. As all other models of the DPG10 series this model is also compatible to the 3-Phase Extension Unit.

Measuring current, max. 3 – 3000 A
Pulse energy, max. 2750 J
Pulse width, max. 3 µs – 1 s adjustable
Pulse voltage 10 – 400 V adjustable
Resistance measurement 0.01 mΩ – 35 Ω
Dimensions 365 (W) x 325 (L) x 167 (H) mm³

The inductance curve of test specimens with an ohmic resistance that exceeds the measuring range can nevertheless be measured when the resistance is entered manually.

This model is also suitable for very large power inductors. Therefore it is mostly used by customers in the sectors railway technology, frequency inverters, energy management etc.

As a result of the extremely large range of application of all devices of the DPG10 series, the equipment is also suitable for very small inductors in the smaller measuring ranges, at times reaching the nH range.

pdf-icon-33Description and technical specifications of the Power Choke Tester DPG10

Scope of delivery:

  • DPG10 – 3000B/E
  • Cable set
    • Test leads 2x Force, 1x Sense, 0.6 m each with alligator clips
    • USB cable and RS232 cable
    • Power cord
  • PC software for Windows
  • Instruction manual
  • Calibration certificate
  • Library (DLL) for integration of the instrument in automated test environments using your own application or LabVIEW
  • Kelvin test leads (KK11-4)
  • Kelvin test leads for small devices under test (KK12-4)
  • Kelvin test leads up to 5 kA (KK11-6)
  • Extra long test leads (KL11-4)
  • Extra long test leads (KL11-6)
  • Hard-top case (CASE1)
  • Customer specific test leads on request